Covid19 here, Covid19 there!
No Worries Guys!
Time to get our mind back into Dodgeball.
πŸ’₯Let’s talk Dodgeball Injuries!πŸ’₯
Competitive dodgeball is more than just your childhood game!
Dodgeball is a dynamic sport that requires Speed, Agility, Strength, Strategy, Coordination and Teamwork! Like with any competitive sport, it brings its own range of dodgeball related injuries.
Today, we have the privilege of having a few of our World Class Athletes from various countries to share their own experience regarding dodgeball related injuries. 🌟
As athletes, we should understand the mechanism behind our throw and how and what we should be doing (or not doing) to help reduce the rate of injuries! Keep watching to find out more! πŸ˜ƒ
Also…Covid-19 has forced the postponement of the 2020 World Dodgeball Championship in Glasgow. Are you hopeful and excited for the next World Dodgeball Championship?
“You know the game, now meet the sport.”
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Credit and a huge thank you to @eunise.chiro