mad history 

Persatuan Dodgeball Malaysia (Malaysian Dodgeball Association) is the registered national body for the sport of dodgeball with Pesuruhjaya Sukan Malaysia (Sports Commission of Malaysia) under the jurisdiction of Kementerian Belia Dan Sukan Malaysia (Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia) since 2009.


Regardless of who you are and where you are from, people can change. With the sport of dodgeball and its related character development activities, MAD’s goal is to bring about this change for the better

Infused in the sport of dodgeball is a unique system known as the Honor System. This system instills character building values of honesty, integrity and sportsmanship. Thereby, forming holistic individuals in whom we hope will pass on to others these values.


The MAD lifestyle is not one of chaos and stress. Instead, it is a dodgeball crazy driven lifestyle. One which has fun going hand in hand with physical fitness and positive mental attitude. A very much sought after remedy in today’s social environment.


Making dodgeball the #1 community sport. With the cohesion of individuals who uplift the values behind the Honor System with dodgeball as the platform, MAD’s mission of dodgeball being the number one community sport can be realized. This cohesion brings about formation of communities that will work together as one and foster a sense of belonging that we hope will cross all boundaries 


Completed in all levels of competitions nationwide. Has following fan base and it’s professionally managing Malaysia’s #1 Entertainment Sport

Why Join MAD?

If you have a passion to grow and develop the sports of dodgeball, MAD welcomes you to come on board as a player, club manager, coach and/or marshal. Let us know what interest you to be part of this energizing, fun yet competitive sport of dodgeball.