It’s Voting Time!

We know you can dodge, jump, duck, throw and more. Now, show us your instinct and click to vote the best photo of your choice.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll post 6 photos a day, selected in random order from the images that were submitted to the contest form at 10am CT.

The images will remain for 24 hours on Instagram and Facebook. It’s up to you to like and love and share your favorite photos – the photo with the most likes will advance to the next round. (please note – if you share the images to your account be sure to direct people back to the original post so their likes are counted!)

After 24 hours the images will be archived and a new group of 6 images will be posted.

The semi-finalists will be announced on December 19th.

If you are the owner or photographer of the image or if you’re in the image and you’d like to be tagged, please DM us and we’ll happily tag you. All posts will be permanently re published after voting rounds are complete.